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Uganda Safety Council activities are clustered in three thematic areas of;

Occupational Safety: general safety inspections of workers and work places and a lot in construction, electrical, mechanical and gas installation compliance.

Health Administration: Health sections engages a lot in medical surveillance of employees in work places; Access, analyses and research on courses of workers, related illness from different economic activities engaged in; Hygiene sections under health also evaluates and analyses employee work related hazards in all working environments.

Maintain an environmental management system to ensure on-going compliance with all relevant environmental standards and legislation;

Increase awareness of environmental impact amongst employees, facility users, tenants and contractors, as well as public institution that we regulate environment issues;

Monitor people’s consumption of primary raw materials (water, energy etc.) and implement the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling across all its activities so as to minimize, within the constraints set by our scientific analysis, waste and CO emissions produced as a result of our activities;

Ensure environmental performance of prospective suppliers is considered in the procurement processes;

Encourage the use of modes of transport by staff, contractors and users that minimize environmental impact, promoting the use of technologies that eliminate the need for travel;

Develop and maintain our estates and buildings in an environmentally sustainable manner, seeking to protect natural habitats and local wildlife, minimizing light pollution and preserving biodiversity in partnership with local communities; and

Report annually on environmental performance and set realistic environmental objectives against which the improvement in our environmental performance can be monitored

This engages in OSH training of both local and internationally recognized qualification that gives the employees or individual’s credibility in their day to day relations operations.

With 6 years in existence, Uganda Safety Council has been successfully initiating collaborations and partnership with both local and international organisations with a view of promoting and supporting the development and growth of Health and Safety professional courses in East African region.

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